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Shannon provides Individual Therapy through her private counseling practice, seeing clients that are particularly wanting to explore (but not limited to) aspects of gender, sexuality, and/or past trauma.


Shannon’s therapeutic foundation comes from a Christian worldview, thus is able to explore aspects of spirituality throughout the counseling process as the Client determines.

For more information regarding Shannon’s therapeutic orientation or if you would like to set up a counseling appointment, please call her private practice line at (seven-two-zero)-375-5146 and leave a detailed message. This is a non-emergency voice mail service and Shannon will return your phone call within 48hrs unless otherwise notified. If you have an emergency you must call 911 or your local mental health center for your county. You may also reach Shannon via her non-emergency private practice email account:

For professional counseling or consultation service, Shannon charges a fee of $120 for a full 50min session. Payment is due when the service is rendered. Making payment to Shannon can either come in the form of credit card, cash, or check.

*Note for Insurance Claims:

To determine whether your insurance policy will cover any of Shannon’s services, you will need to contact your benefits department and ask whether they cover mental health services. If they do, continue on by asking if they cover an out-of-network provider who is an Licensed Professional Counselor, MA level, in the state of Oregon. If they accept, please note: *Shannon does not provide managed care for clients, which means, Shannon will not manage or submit your insurance claims and reimbursements. However, if requested, Shannon will provide you with an invoice/receipt for all payments made to her for counseling services. This invoice can then be directly submitted to your insurance provider. If your insurance company covers her services (individual counseling) they will reimburse you directly based on their predetermined customary percentage.

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Shannon Rants

Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor

Director of Come Arise Ministries

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