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Since Shannon therapeutically services a population struggling with sexuality and gender identity, this may bring about treatment concerns or questions so here are some FAQ that you may find helpful:


Does Shannon practice “reparative therapy”?

A: No. I practice a Client-centered therapeutic intervention consistent with the American Psychological Association Task Force publication outlining the appropriate therapeutic response to people seeking change in their sexual orientation. This intervention, characterized by therapeutic acceptance and support, acknowledges and affirms the client’s psychological distress that may arise due to a values conflict between religious beliefs and same-sex attractions, while also acknowledging that both religion and sexual orientation are points of diversity that demand nondiscrimination, respect, and cultural sensitivity.


What is Shannon’s view on reparative therapy?

A: Reparative therapy is not a documented psychotherapeutic technique or an established clinical protocol within counseling literature. Professional training does not exist for “reparative therapy.” Reparative therapy is a term that is more conceptual than literal and has been unfortunately and carelessly applied to any therapy that is provided to individuals (typically religious) who experience a conflict between their values and sexual identity.

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Shannon Rants

Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor

Director of Come Arise Ministries

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